Managing Fraud

Last year, customer account fraud hit businesses hard, causing a staggering loss of over $41 billion. Friendly and not-so-friendly fraudulent customer accounts create financial losses, drain resources, increase internal costs and damage your brand.

Many times bad customer data comes straight from the customers themselves, as innocent data entry mistakes. However, it is also easy for bad actors to create fake accounts, which become the perfect launchpad for their fraudulent activities.

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Fight Fraud with Customer Data Validation

Customer Data Validation is instrumental in combating fraud through customer data accuracy, reducing the risk of false customer information in a business. This involves a comprehensive verification of core identity data points such as Name, Address, Phone, Email and IP, cross-referencing with reputable external databases to append critical details and confirm their validity.

Regular Customer Data Validation checks help identify unusual patterns or inconsistencies, serving as an early warning system for potential fraudulent activities. With Customer Data Validation, businesses can significantly enhance their defenses against fake accounts and online fraud. Let’s take a closer look at how these services work.

It Starts With A Name

Our Name Validation service leverages advanced parsing and formatting technologies to automatically categorize name elements into relevant fields while eliminating redundant or irrelevant data.

But the real power of Name Validation shines in its ability to flag potentially fraudulent entries. By leveraging a complex suite of detection and verification filters, our service meticulously scrutinizes each entry.

It assesses name origins, phonetic patterns, syntactic structures, and checks against a comprehensive database of known and potential red flags. It identifies inappropriate and vulgar names, celebrity impersonations or completely bogus entries.

Name Validation empowers your business to nip potential fraudulent activity in the bud. It’s a potent line of defense that protects your business and customer data from fraud and bad actors.


Addresses Provide Key Fraud Indicators

Addresses tell you a lot more than just where your customers live. In fact, they are key when it comes to identifying fake accounts. If an address is incomplete or just doesn’t seem right, it could spell trouble.

That’s where our Global Address Validation services come in. We validate and correct addresses for over 250 countries, ensuring they accurate and ready for deliveries. This doesn’t just save your business shipping headaches and customer service woes, but it also provides solid intel on location details that could expose fraudulent data and bad actors.

By highlighting any mismatches between the address and other location details, you can quickly and programmatically spot fraudsters before they can do any damage.

With Address Validation, you are not just ensuring valid and deliverable addresses — your business is getting a solid line of defense against fraud.

Phone Numbers: The Secret Weapon Against Fraud

Phone numbers are more than mere contact details—they hold the key to invaluable insights about your customers, which can be used to detect and mitigate fraudulent activities.

Our advanced real-time Phone Validation services decode these details, delivering a comprehensive set of contact and carrier details linked to your customer’s number.

Each of these data points helps construct a more in-depth profile of your customer, helping with the early detection and prevention of fraudulent endeavors, offering your business a more robust defense against fraud.


Email Tells a Different Story

Fraudsters often exploit disposable and free email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or due to their anonymity and ease of setup.

Our Email Validation service performs over 50 integrity checks and filters, resulting in a comprehensive evaluation of each email address’s risk and deliverability.

Beyond detecting disposable and free email accounts, our service highlights problematic emails including bogus accounts, vulgar addresses, role-based accounts, screamers, honeypots, and spam traps, which can have serious impacts on email deliverability and sender reputation.

With Email Validation, you can confidently send emails while detecting and minimizing the risk of fraud.

Devices & Their IP:
Key Indicators of Fraud

IP Address Validation is a powerful tool in your fraud mitigation arsenal.

Our comprehensive IP verification service gives your business the power to analyze over 4 billion IP addresses and their associated reputations.

When you cross-reference the location data from IP addresses with your customers’ billing and shipping information, high-risk and potentially fraudulent transactions stand out.

IP verification gives your business an enhanced understanding of your customer base, creating efficiencies and reducing fraud.


Bringing It All Together:
The Power of Cross-Validation

The power of Customer Data Validation is unlocked when you effectively verify and cross-validate the five fundamental customer attributes—Name, Email, Phone, Address and IP.

Our Customer and Lead Validation service derives and cross-validates over 130 data points, offering ‘Certainty’ and ‘Quality’ scores to quickly and confidently differentiate between valuable customers and potential fraud.

Customer Data Validation doesn’t just protect your business from fraud, it’s also your strategic partner for keeping your customer data clean, accurate, and up-to-date.

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