DOTS Phone Append

Update Business and Customer Phone Numbers

Leverage existing names and addresses to append accurate phone numbers, ensuring each customer record is as complete as possible.

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Lipsum Dolor

Having precise customer contact details is vital for any business developing and maintaining an up-to-date customer database. Accurate phone numbers are a must-have for businesses to ensure effective communication and aids in complying with various government data and privacy regulations.

Lipsum Dolor

Our Phone Append service enhances your customer contact data records by appending phone numbers for both individual consumers and businesses. Matching your existing name and address information against our authoritative telephone databases, which encompasses 800+ million records from over 4,000 carriers, your business can be certain it has the most reliable and current phone numbers available.

How Phone Append Works

Returns Phone Number Associated with Address

Provides matching phone number for supplied contact address, from a database of over 800 million numbers and 4000 carriers.

Provides Actionable Certainty Score

Returns an accuracy rating based on matches with the contact details provided, expressed as Low, Medium or High.

Returns Line Type Data for Returned Number

Supplies a determination of the phone carrier line type, with possible values of Landline, Wireless, VOIP or Unknown.

Flags Business Versus Residential Customers

Identifies type of entity that owns phone line as Residential versus Business facilitating B2C and B2B usage.

Features and Benefits of Phone Append

Supports Compliance

For regulations like TCPA and GDPR, knowing line type, including land-line, wireless, VOIP, and pre-paid phones, as well as phone type, like business or residential, is critical for meeting compliance regulations.

Supports compliance - Service Objects
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Phone Data From Over 4,000 Carriers

Competitors claim it, but we have it.

Our proprietary data set of over 800 million consumer, business and government phone listings enable our service to achieve industry-leading match rates up to 75%.

Certainty Scores Make for Better Decision-Making

Phone Append returns actionable certainty scores to quickly assess phone number viability, saving your team time and money.

Matching your contacts with their phone numbers, your business can make informed decisions about the quality of your phone data.

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Reverse telephone number lookup - Service Objects

Comprehensive Phone Details

Phone Append goes further by providing comprehensive phone information including:

  • Phone number for each contact record
  • Line types including landline, wireless, VoiP and more
  • Phone types such as government, business or residential
  • SMS/MMS addresses for wireless numbers
  • SIC codes for businesses
  • Latitude and longitude for both carrier and contact information

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Why Choose Service Objects for Your Phone Append Needs?

When it comes to enhancing your customer contact records, choosing the right service is paramount for the success of your business communications. Service Objects’ Phone Append service stands as an exemplary choice for fulfilling your global customer and contact enrichment needs. Here’s why it’s a game-changer for your business:

Comprehensive Contact Record Completion

Phone Append excels in augmenting your contact records by adding missing consumer and business phone numbers. This service uses both name and address information to ensure that your contact records are complete, enhancing your ability to connect with your customers effectively.

Enhanced Customer Reach and Engagement

 By filling in missing phone numbers, Phone Append empowers your business to reach a broader customer base. This expanded reach is vital for marketing campaigns, customer support, and sales efforts, ensuring you can connect with your customers through their preferred communication channels.

Access to Extensive and Authoritative Databases

The service accesses a number of proprietary and authoritative databases containing over 800 million records, sourced from more than 4,000 carriers.

Improved Data Quality for Marketing and Sales

 Phone Append significantly improves the quality of your contact data, which is essential for targeted marketing and sales strategies. Accurate phone numbers mean more successful outreach efforts, higher engagement rates, and potentially increased sales conversions.

High Accuracy and Up-to-Date Information

 With Phone Append, you’re not just getting access to a vast number of records; you’re also assured of their timeliness and accuracy. The phone databases are continuously updated by both phone service providers and third-party providers.

Operational Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

With more accurate phone numbers, your business can reduce time and resources spent on failed contact attempts. This efficiency translates into cost savings and a better allocation of resources towards more productive activities.

Supporting Compliance and Risk Management

Accurate phone numbers are essential for compliance with various communication and privacy regulations. Phone Append helps in ensuring that your business is contacting the right individuals, reducing the risk of regulatory violations.

Service Objects’ Phone Append service is an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to enhance their global customer record completeness. Its ability to provide accurate and up-to-date phone numbers, backed by authoritative datasets, makes it a superior choice for improving customer reach, engagement, and overall business efficiency.

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