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Focus on Real
Leads & Customers

Ensure customers and leads are genuine, so your sales and marketing teams can confidently determine prospects with the most potential and significantly reduce time wasted on poor quality leads.

Confidence in Your Contact Data

Lead Validation – US provides real-time verification, correction and enrichment of your customer and lead contact data, ensuring they are accurate and up-to-date.

Five Core Identity Attributes Validated
By verifying each contact’s Name, Address, Phone, Email, and Device against authoritative data sources, our service ensures the accuracy of your customer and lead contact details, while providing actionable qualitative scores for better decision-making.

Over 130 Critical Data Points Analyzed
Our flagship service analyzes each record, deriving over 130 critical data points, used to provide valuable insights and numeric Quality scores that can drive business rules and automation. These scores  also highlight top-quality leads and customers in the US and Canadian markets, while preventing low-quality, junk and fraudulent leads from creating accounts and entering your CRM and marketing platforms.


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Features and Benefits of Lead Validation – US

Reduce Critical Errors in Your Leads

Lead Validation – US brings together five of our prime validation services to validate, correct and score the Name, Address, Phone, Email and IP of a lead’s contact details. The results provide actionable Quality scores (0-100) for both overall and the individual data points provided.

Quality scores are used for segmenting your leads, identifying and removing the poor quality and bogus ones. These scores can be used to programmatically weed out bad leads and elevate high-quality leads to the top of your sales team’s funnel.

Customized to Meet Your Needs

Lead Validation – US is easily tailored to meet your lead generation needs, whether your business is focused on generating B2B or B2C prospects.

The service works with any combination of contact data points that your lead generation efforts capture and is easily customized to validate and score your leads to best suit your business’ lead generation efforts.

Easily Integrates with Leading CRM and Marketing Platforms

Lead Validation is easily integrated into CRM and Marketing platforms, including Salesforce, Adobe’s Marketo Engage and HubSpot, providing your sales and marketing teams with critical insights right in the applications they are working from.

How Lead Validation – US Works

Cross-validates Over 130 Key Data Points

Cross-validates, corrects and scores over 130 key data points to help your business accurately identify quality leads for US and Canada.

Returns Actionable Confidence Score

Leads receive a comprehensive validation score from 0-100, supporting automated processes like lead routing and nurture campaign enrollment.

Tailored and Weighted To Your Needs

Lead Validation can be tailored to the data points that your business collects. Custom weighted scoring provides insights and drive business rules.

Flags Fraudulent and Bogus Leads

Real-time API prevents costly fraudulent and bogus leads from entering your CRM and MAP, saving time and resources.

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For Developers by Developers

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Why Choose Service Objects for Your
US Lead Validation Needs?

In today’s highly competitive business landscape where precision and efficiency are critical, Service Objects serves as a strategic partner for businesses seeking to ensure their leads are genuine, accurate and verified. With a suite of enterprise-grade tools, Service Objects ensures that your business’ Lead Verification initiatives are not just data-driven but reliable and scalable.

Leveraging its extensive experience in the industry, Service Objects’ Customer Data Validation solutions seamlessly integrate with existing CRMs, marketing automation and business platforms, allowing for streamlined operations and increased efficiencies within your business.

Our robust lead and Customer Data Validation services translate into a tangible advantage, equipping your business with the capability to sift through fraudulent and bogus leads and focus on high-quality, actionable customers and leads, thereby optimizing the efforts of your marketing and sales team and enhancing your bottom line.

Furthermore, when you choose Service Objects as your Lead Validation partner, you are gaining over 20 years of Customer Data Validation expertise, with a continued focus on data quality, innovation and security. Service Objects’ scalable Lead Validation solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses in a variety of industries, demonstrating a commitment to not just meet, but exceed client expectations.

Additionally, our professional customer support team is available 24/7/365 to assist with any technical or implementation challenges, ensuring your business operations always run smoothly. In essence, partnering with Service Objects signifies an investment and commitment to accurate contact data quality, efficiency, and security, facilitating your business’ growth.

Lead Validation – US: A Critical Component of Customer Data Validation Strategy

In the dynamically evolving marketplace, Service Objects’ Lead Validation – US API serves as a vital component in your business’ overarching strategy to ensure each customer contact record is genuine, accurate and verified. As part of your Customer Data Validation strategy, this robust service verifies and filters through the noise, eliminating bogus and fraudulent contact data and pinpointing high-quality leads that are pivotal for your business success.

Lead Validation – US provides in-depth and accurate assessment of potential leads within the United States, supporting more informed, data-driven decisions. By integrating Lead Validation into your business platforms, you equip your teams with a tool that not only validates the accuracy of lead data but also scores them in terms of quality and confidence, ultimately translating to higher contact and conversion rates. The result is a more focused and strategic approach to customer acquisition.

Further cementing its importance, Lead Validation – US adeptly functions as a gatekeeper, safeguarding your business against the pitfalls of inaccurate or fraudulent data. This translates to reduced operational costs, minimized risks of fraud, and helps in complying with numerous state and federal privacy regulations.

Moreover, Lead Validation fosters efficiencies across various departments, enabling a cohesive Customer Data Validation strategy that is grounded in the quality and reliability of your customer and prospect data. Lead Validation – US not only signifies an upgrade in Lead Validation efforts but marks a step towards a more secure, efficient, and data-empowered business ecosystem.

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