DOTS Lead Validation - International

Focus on Real
Leads and Customers

Ensure your prospects are genuine and accurate, empowering your sales and marketing teams to confidently connect with your global prospects while significantly reducing time wasted on poor quality contact data.

Connect with Genuine Leads and Customers

Lead Validation — International, our flagship service, ensures your lead and customer contact data is accurate and up-to-date, empowering your sales and marketing teams to connect with your customers and prospects.

With our expertise, you can confidently identify and focus on customers that hold the most potential, significantly reducing the time and resources spent on fraudulent and low-quality leads.

Global Reach, Local Precision
Lead Validation — International offers unparalleled global coverage, covering over 250 countries and territories. This extensive reach ensures that no matter where your leads are located, they are valid and up-to-date.

Comprehensive Data Validation
Our service verifies essential contact details like business or customer Name, Address, Phone, Email, and Device. This produces over 130 critical data points that are used to cross-validate, correct and score each customer or lead.

Authoritative and Trusted Data Sources
Our engine is not just robust; it’s also reliable. We verify customer and lead details against thousands of authoritative and trusted global data sources. This rigorous approach guarantees that the information you receive is not just comprehensive but also credible.


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Features and Benefits of
Lead Validation – International

Fix, Flag and Score

We fix the fixable, reveal the genuine and flag bogus leads.

Lead Validation — International leverages our industry-leading validation services to validate, correct and score key data points: Full Name, Business Name, Address, Phone, Email and IP address. From these data points, we are able to verify and correct contact information and provide an overall Certainty score (0-100) as well as scores for each individual key data point.

Quality scores identify high-quality leads and eliminate resource-draining bogus leads. These Quality and Certainty scores automatically weed out bad leads and elevate high-quality leads to the top of your sales team’s funnel.

Customized to Meet Your Needs

Lead Validation – International is easily tailored to meet your lead generation needs, whether your business is focused on generating B2B or B2C prospects. The service works with any combination of contact data points that your lead generation efforts capture and can be easily customized to validate and scoring can be custom weighted to best suit your lead generation efforts.

Communicate with Real People

Navigating the challenge of fraudulent or inaccurate leads, it’s essential for your business to focus on authentic interactions with both individuals and businesses. By validating customer and lead contact data effectively, you can save considerable time and resources, concentrating on real and promising opportunities.

Easily Integrates with Leading CRM and Marketing Platforms

Lead Validation – International is easily integrated into CRM and Marketing platforms, including Salesforce, Marketo, and HubSpot, providing your Sales and Marketing teams with critical insights right in the applications they are working from.

Easily Integrates with Leading CRM
and Marketing Platforms

Global Lead Validation of 130+ Key Data Points

Cross-validates, corrects and scores over 130 key data points to help your business accurately identify quality leads for over 250 countries.

Returns Actionable Quality & Confidence Scores

Leads receive a comprehensive validation score from 0 – 100, supporting automated processes like lead routing and nurture campaign enrollment.

Identifies Connected & Disconnected Phone Numbers 

Effectively detects the status of phone numbers, identifying which are connected and which are disconnected.

Flags Fraudulent and Bogus Leads

Real-time API prevents costly fraudulent and bogus leads from entering your CRM and MAP, saving time and resources.

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Service Objects: The Leading Providers of International Lead Validation

In the global business arena, the ability to precisely validate international leads is a cornerstone for achieving scalable growth. With over 20 years of Customer Data Validation expertise, Service Objects is a leader in validating international leads, offering robust solutions that cater specifically to the global market’s unique needs and demands.

As businesses strive to expand their reach and forge connections in new geographic areas, the need for a dependable partner to provide accurate and efficient global Lead Validation becomes evident. Service Objects provides this critical service, offering an advanced suite of tools that integrates seamlessly with existing CRM, marketing automation and business platforms, enabling businesses to leverage genuine, accurate and verified customer and lead data to drive informed decision-making. Service Objects’ in-depth industry expertise in handling international customer and lead data translates into a heightened ability to quickly identify high-quality leads, ultimately enhancing your engagement strategies and fostering successful business relationships across borders.

Moreover, Service Objects distinguishes itself through a continuous commitment to product innovation and data security, traits that are particularly vital when navigating the complexities of international privacy regulations and business relationships. In entrusting your international Lead Validation needs to Service Objects, you gain a partner that prioritizes accuracy and data protection, ensuring that your business operates within a framework that is not only compliant with global regulations but also resilient against potential data breaches.

Service Objects’ solutions are tailored to offer scalability, thus accommodating the growing needs of your business as it expands into new territories and countries. Coupled with an expert customer support team ready to assist with any queries or challenges 24/7/365, choosing Service Objects as your international Lead Validation partner translates into a decision anchored in reliability, foresight, and an uncompromising commitment to contact data quality.

Lead Validation – International:
A Critical Part of Customer Data Validation

Navigating the complexities of the global business environment demands a strategic approach to Customer Data Validation, where the precision in identifying and nurturing viable leads becomes a cornerstone for success. In this landscape, Lead Validation – International from Service Objects stands as an essential component, offering unparalleled depth in verifying the authenticity and potential of leads from various international markets.

Lead Validation – International enables companies to focus their lead generation efforts more effectively, identifying the right sales opportunities and allocating marketing resources accordingly. It helps in crafting strategies that are not just data-centric, but also attuned to the diverse nuances of the international market, thus setting the stage for more meaningful engagements and collaborations. Moreover, it offers a layer of security by filtering out inaccurate, bogus and fraudulent data, protecting businesses from wasting time and money while ensuring that their lead and customer engagement strategies are built on a foundation of genuine, accurate and up-to-date contact data.

By integrating Lead Validation – International into your operations, you can leverage the powerful insights derived from accurate and verified customer data to optimize your marketing initiatives and drive higher conversion rates.

Customer Data Validation assists businesses in creating more personalized and effective outreach strategies, fostering relationships that are not just profitable but also long-lasting. Moreover, it allows for a streamlined approach to contact data management, where the customer information is well structured, accurate and actionable, paving the way for increased business efficiencies.

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