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Precise Sales and Use Tax Rates

Ensuring your business uses the correct sales and use taxes starts with an address and access to up-to-date rates. FastTax has both.

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Valid addresses equal accurate tax rates

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Our FastTax service starts with our certified Address Validation engine, establishing valid addresses to ensure correct tax rates for both US and Canada. Using the address, the service also identifies incorporated and unincorporated areas, which is essential for areas that have multiple tax jurisdictions.

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How FastTax Works

Returns Sales/Use Tax Rates for Input Location

Returns tax rate data specific to US/Canada address or region, including state, city, county, district and special district rates.

Provides Match Codes for Level of Accuracy

Returns match code with flag for whether tax rates for input address are provided at Address or Zip Code levels.

Identifies Incorporated and Unincorporated Areas

Returns IsUnincorporated Notes flag to determine unincorporated areas, and ignore City or City District level tax rates.

Returns Tax Exempt Items and Other Data

Provides lists of tax-exempt items as well as other associated tax information as string-value pairs.

Features and Benefits of FastTax

Pinpoint Accuracy on Sales and Use Tax Rates

FastTax leverages the power of our Certified Address Validation engine to capture accurate address information and geo-coordinates to deliver up-to-date and accurate tax data in the US and Canada. Accuracy ensures that up-to-date tax rates are applied at the time of purchase.

Benefits of FastTax - Accuracy
Seamlessly Integrates with Ecommerce and Business Applications

Seamlessly Integrates with Ecommerce and Business Applications

Our real-time service is easily integrated with leading ecommerce platforms, ERPs and billing software, ensuring that you have up-to-date tax rates and eliminating the need to perform bulk tax rate updates.

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