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Lipsum Dolor

Our Email Validation and Verification service seamlessly integrates with web forms and business applications, performing over 50 integrity checks and filters, providing deeper insights into risk and deliverability than any other provider in the industry.

Lipsum Dolor

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How Email Validation Works

Validates and Corrects Input Email Addresses

Validates email address and provides corrections for common spelling and formatting errors, returning a cleaned and formatted address.

Returns Quantitative Quality Score

Provides estimates on the validity of input email address, including values for Good, Probably Good, Unknown, Probably Bad and Bad.

Provides Flags to Identify Problematic Emails

Returns warning flags for bogus, vulgar, disposable, role, misspelling, screamer, honeypot, spam trap, known complainer addresses and more.

Tests for Email Address Deliverability

Checks for deliverability, returning codes for refused connections, non-existent top-level domain, DNS/MX/SMS errors and more.

Features and Benefits of Email Validation

Email Verification Improves Deliverability & Reduces Bounces

Email Validation service performs over 50 checks and verifications and returns a simple pass/fail score that enables you to send emails with confidence, improving deliverability and reducing your bounce rate by up to 90%.

Protect Your Sender Reputation

With warning flags like bogus, vulgar, disposable, role, misspelling, screamer, honeypot, spam trap and known complainer, you can identify and automatically remove problematic emails that can damage your sender reputation.

We are the only email validation service to provide up-to-date reputation data for email service providers, ensuring the integrity of your emails.

Seamless Integration with Web Forms

Capture accurate and up-to-date email addresses on your web forms to ensure critical information and marketing communications reach your customers and prospects.


Secure and Compliant

We do not store, share or sell your data. Period.

When comparing email checker services – know what is happening with YOUR data. Most email validation services will store your email data for their future use.

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