Contact Validation allows for on-time home delivery

The Challenge

Haverty Furniture Companies, Inc. ("Havertys") averages about 2,000 deliveries per day.

Many of those deliveries are to new customers furnishing a new home, or existing customers that have recently moved. Because so many of the Havertys customers have new addresses – and because customer delivery is such a crucial part of the Havertys customer experience − the correct address for each home delivery is validated in-store, at the point of sale.

"Many of the address databases we used early on for address verification came up blank," said Ed Clary, Havertys' CIO and Senior VP of Distribution. "And the process for verifying was both cumbersome and expensive." After trying traditional mailing software with poor results, Havertys began its search for a better way to ensure that a correct address was found for each transaction

We’ve been able to use the Service Objects data validation tools in ways we never originally expected.

Ed Clary
CIO and Senior VP of Distribution, Havertys

The Solution

After hearing about Service Objects in 2008, and exploring its features, Havertys integrated DOTS Address Validation - US into its point-of-sale system. "Frankly, it sounded too good to be true," Clary said. "And to be honest, we held on to our old mailing software for some time before really accepting that Service Objects address validation service was so much better."

Today, Havertys validates more than 50,000 addresses per month across 120 locations using DOTS Address Validation. In addition, Havertys has also integrated other Service Objects services including DOTS Address Geocode and DOTS Email Validation to further enhance location-based details and direct customer communications.

The Result

Services Objects' address and email validation APIs have allowed Havertys to improve delivery efficiency dramatically, which is important both from an operational and customer service perspective. Having correct addresses prevents unnecessary delays and costs while allowing for more efficient routing and exact delivery times.

Havertys' proprietary FollowMyTruck technology is a sophisticated website-based tracking tool that pulls correct, properly geocoded customer address data, blends it with routing software, and connects to customers via their validated email addresses. Rather than expecting customers to wait around during a four-hour window of time for a delivery, FollowMyTruck is able to provide exact delivery times and access to real-time updates. On delivery day, each customer receives an email containing a link to the FollowMyTruck app where they can find out exactly when the delivery truck will arrive, as well as see where the truck is during their route on delivery day.

"FollowMyTruck has been great for customer service, and our customers share positive feedback daily. We’ve been able to use the Service Objects data validation tools in ways we never originally expected," said Clary.

Client Feedback

"Service Objects sets the gold standard. It is very professionally run with the highest of standards."

"Implementing an address validation solution wasn't a decision we took lightly, especially because it had to go through our point of sale system. Through years of reliable service, it has been a fantastic decision. Everything just works. Service Objects delivers."

About Havertys

Havertys (NYSE: HVT and HVT.A), established in 1885, is a full-service home furnishings retailer with 118 showrooms in 16 states in the Southern and Midwestern regions providing its customers with a wide selection of quality merchandise in middle to upper-middle price ranges. Havertys has paid a cash dividend in each year since 1935. Additional information is available on the company’s website, www.havertys.com

Havertys understands your goal of having a warm and inviting home - not just a house. Offering high quality furniture, a vast array of styles, and excellent value, Havertys helps your goals become a reality.

With thousands of products showcased online and at over 100 Havertys locations across 16 states, you'll find exactly what you want. Havertys' friendly, professional sales associates go out of their way to make you feel as welcome and comfortable in their stores as you want your guests to be in your home.

Havertys guarantees the excellent quality, prices, and services that J.J. Haverty founded the company with over 125 years ago. It's that simple: Havertys always stands behind every purchase.

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