Angel Flight West

Address Validation helps Angel Flight West soar efficiently

The Challenge

Like many organizations, Angel Flight West's ability to make an impact is tied to its ability to communicate efficiently.

The organization has several key groups it communicates with including volunteers, potential recruits, members, health care professionals, and donors.

Every dollar counts, making it essential to have accurate address and ZIP code data for mailings. If a letter is returned as undeliverable, not only was that postage (and related costs) wasted, an opportunity to connect with a potential volunteer or donor was also squandered.

The address validation web service's performance is flawless and has served our application without incident for many years. When we need help, the customer service from Service Objects has always been responsive, friendly, and effective.

Josh Olson
Executive Director, Angel Flight West

The Solution

Angel Flight West has been using Service Objects' DOTS Address Validation software for several years. Service Objects provides this address validation API service free of charge to Angel Flight West through its in-kind grants program. This donation benefits Angel Flight West as well as 10 other organizations across the country that share the same software platform. Collectively, these organizations have about 6,000 volunteers and fly about 10,000 flights per year.

The Result

DOTS Address Validation software by Service Objects has improved Angel Flight West's operational efficiency in several important ways.

For example, since the organization arranges transportation, ZIP codes are used to calculate mileage, generate maps, and driving directions. Having access to county information has proven to be essential in the organization's grant requests. That same information also allows Angel Flight West to better understand where their passengers come from, allowing for improved pilot recruitment and outreach.

According to Josh Olson, Executive Director of Angel Flight West, "Having accurate information for address and ZIP codes makes us more efficient and helps us serve more people with our donated dollars."

In addition to improving operational efficiency, address validation has helped Angel Flight West save money on its donation mailings and mailings to health care professionals.

About Angel Flight West

When they say there's an angel in the cockpit, they're not kidding. Angel Flight West is an organization made up of volunteer private pilots who provide medical and compassion flights to people in need. These pilots donate their time -- and all of the costs of the flight -- so that people in need can be transported quickly without incurring a single cost. Since 1983, Angel Flight West has flown more than 65,000 flights. It is a regional organization based in Santa Monica, CA covering the 13 western states.

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