List Processing with DataTumbler Desktop Application

DataTumbler is a FREE application that allows you to run batches for many of the DOTS Web Services, directly on your desktop.

Please note that to download and use DataTumbler™, you will need to be logged-in to your account and have a valid production or trial key. Have questions or need assistance? Contact us and we will get right back to you.

DataTumbler, for Windows
This application offers the use of different DOTS Web Services.

DataTumbler – Windows
Version 1.1.74, Updated: October 24, 2023

What is it?

DataTumbler enables you to process contact data, using one or more of our primary DOTS Web Services, in a free desktop application, giving you instant results. No more waiting for FTP or batches to be submitted, uploaded, processed and returned. You can now access over 3 billion quality contact records right from your computer, in real-time, 24/7. Run your data files when you want, when you need.

No programming required, just a simple import of a CSV file or direct cut-and-paste from Excel® or other applications. With a few clicks you process your contact data. With a few clicks you know if your contacts are good, bad, or require further handling.

Why use it?

  • Use with Production Keys to evaluate our services or just run your business
  • Run sample batches to test data or establish metrics expected for new input formats
  • Batch analyze data from an application
  • Run a batch list of data from events or partners prior to import into your CRM system
  • Import a batch from an application database to clean, correct and return

How do I use it?

The DataTumbler application is free and can be downloaded at the link above. It can be set up to use with multiple services – you just need the proper trial or production key for the chosen Web Service and DataTumbler is ready to go.

DataTumbler is intended for lighter data file use, up to a batch of 5k records at a time is normal with a production key. For larger files, batch or FTP service plans are available.

Next Step!

  • Purchase a Production Key
  • Download DataTumbler to your desktop
  • Use multiple services. Each DOTS Web Service requires a separate and individual license key. Many people utilize multiple DOTS Web Services on their DataTumbler through purchase or download of multiple license keys: validate addresses, check IP, verify email, score leads and more all with DataTumbler.

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