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In the U.S., 30 to 40 million residential and business moves happen each year. This increases the likelihood of losing track of customers, clients, or prospects. NCOA Live, our real-time change of address service, keeps your customer and prospect records accurate and up-to-date.

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Streamline Address Management with NCOA Live

Your customers and prospects are constantly moving, posing a significant challenge in delivering essential communications and packages. NCOA Live tackles this issue by detecting address changes in real-time, providing you with the updated address, while verifying and formatting addresses to USPS standards.

Boost Deliverability by Keeping Addresses Updated

Increase mail deliverability by up to 400% through maintaining accurate and current contact addresses in your customer management platform.

Streamline Mailing Operations

By standardizing and formatting addresses according to USPS guidelines, NCOA Live simplifies your mailing processes. This ensures compliance with postal regulations, reduces manual effort, and potentially qualifies you for postal discounts, resulting in cost savings for your business.

How NCOA Live Works

Address Input: Validated & Corrected

Validate and correct addresses before checking for changes to ensure high match rates.

Returns Change of Address Status & New Address

Addresses are returned with change status codes and a new address is provided in case of a change.

Provides ZIP+4, Carrier Route & Barcode Data

Provides essential USPS data points to meet USPS Move-Update standards and maximize postage discounts.

Efficient Data Processing with Parallel API Integration

Set up parallel processing to swiftly handle millions of records through our API.

Download the Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF)

Note: The USPS requires a completed PAF with ZIP+4 and NAICS before accessing any change of address data.

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Features and Benefits of NCOA Live

Nearly a Million Weekly Address Changes

Many businesses waste time and money mailing important communications to outdated addresses. NCOA Live ensures your business always has the most current address data. This means your contacts receive critical correspondence seamlessly, including packages, bank statements, direct mail marketing, invoices, fundraising, voter information, alumni correspondence, and more.

Address Change

Maximize Postal Discounts with NCOA Live

NCOA Live validates and corrects each address to USPS standards with our certified Address Validation engine, boosting change of address match rates and ensuring eligibility for USPS postal discounts. Our service also meets USPS Move-Update requirements, qualifying your mailings for Standard and First-Class Mail discounts.

Continually Updated for the Freshest Data

Every week, the USPS updates its database with nearly a million changes of addresses. NCOA Live is among the few real-time services that continuously sync with these updates. Our service guarantees that the residential and business addresses in your customer management system remain as current and precise as possible.

"New York, New York, USA - September 17, 2012: A mailman delivers mail in midtown Manhattan, using a hand card to carry crated of letters and packages."

Essential: Customer Data Validation with Change of Address

NCOA Live, Service Objects’ National Change of Address service, is essential for your Customer Data Validation strategy. It ensures accurate, consistent, and usable customer data, vital for smooth business operations and strong customer relations. Here’s how NCOA Live helps:

Maintaining Customer Data Accuracy

Accurate data is essential for any Customer Data Validation strategy. NCOA Live verifies customer addresses using current USPS change of address data, updating addresses for customers who have moved to maintain database accuracy.

Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency

Undeliverable mail and shipments resulting from outdated addresses increase operational costs. NCOA Live reduces these costs by ensuring address accuracy, minimizing mail returns and failed deliveries. This efficiency not only saves money but also streamlines operational processes.

Enhancing Data Reliability

Reliable data is vital for informed business decisions and effective customer communication. Updating address information regularly with NCOA Live ensures data reliability, crucial for operations like marketing, logistics, and customer service.

Ensuring Compliance

Keeping customer data up-to-date is a common requirement for regulatory compliance across many industries. NCOA Live aids businesses in remaining compliant with these regulations, thereby averting potential legal and financial penalties.

Improving Customer Engagement and Experience

Accurate and current addresses enhance customer engagement. When businesses possess correct addresses, they ensure prompt and precise delivery of products, services, and communications. This efficiency is pivotal for fostering trust and satisfaction among customers, thereby enhancing overall customer experience and loyalty.

Facilitating Data Integration and Management

In the realm of data management, NCOA Live ensures the perpetual accuracy of the address component within customer data. This precision is vital during the integration of diverse data sources or when utilizing customer data across multiple departments within an organization.

Supporting Marketing and Sales Efforts

In marketing and sales, accurate address data enables effective targeting of the right audience. NCOA Live supports these endeavors by guaranteeing that promotional materials, catalogs, and other communications reach their intended recipients.

Customer Data Validation Strategy

NCOA Live plays a crucial role in a Customer Data Validation Strategy, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of address data. It goes beyond merely updating addresses; it influences customer engagement, operational efficiency, compliance, and overall data management strategy. Thus, it is an indispensable tool for businesses prioritizing data quality and customer satisfaction.

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