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Ensure Deliverability with Real-Time Address Validation

One in five addresses contains errors that can result in late or undeliverable mail and shipments. Our Address Validation – International service verifies and corrects addresses for 250+ countries, ensuring addresses are valid and deliverable, avoiding costly shipping and customer service issues.

Address Validation – International is perfect for real-time applications like web forms, ecommerce, shipping and delivery logistics, and ensuring CRM contact data accuracy. 

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Accurate and Up-to-Date
Global Address Validation

Streamline Operations

Improve deliverability, compliance, and customer engagement with Address Validation — International. Our global address engine validates, appends, and standardizes addresses in over 250 countries and includes the ability to deliver to the apartment or suite level in major countries.

Precision at Every Level

Address Validation – International coverage is largely dependent on the sophistication level of each countries postal system, resulting in :

  • Street-level or better accuracy for 88% of the world’s countries.
  • Premise-level or better accuracy for over half of the world.
  • Precise apartment-level accuracy for 15 developed countries, including those in North America, South America, the United Kingdom, the EU and many more. 
  • See our Country Support Table for full details.

Enhancing Global Efficiency

Global addresses are precisely corrected to match each country’s unique postal format, optimizing operations and customer satisfaction. This attention to detail ensures swift and accurate delivery of shipments and communications, bolstering reliability across international networks.

How Address Validation – International Works

Validates Addresses for 250+ Countries

Instantly validates, appends, and standardizes address data to correct postal formats for over 250 countries and territories worldwide.

Provides Building and Apartment Level Accuracy

Offers building-level accuracy for most countries and sub-premise (apartment/suite) level precision for many developed regions.

Converts to Local Postal Formats

Returns line-by-line addresses displayed in a destination’s local text and format, as well as parses the addresses for further processing.

Address Conversion for Local Languages

Returns translated addresses in Roman characters for Cyrillic, Hellenic, Hebrew, Kanji, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Thai, and Hangul addresses.

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Features and Benefits of
Address Validation – International

Global Suite-Level Coverage

When you need to reach the world with your product or messaging, accuracy matters. That’s where international address validation service comes in.

  • Instantly corrects, standardizes, and appends addresses for 250+ countries, dependent areas, and territories.
  • Industry-leading accuracy rates to the suite, apartment, or unit level.
  • Validates addresses to a country’s postal standards for delivery accuracy.
  • Significant postal discounts while eliminating the cost of returned mail.
  • Improves customer satisfaction while reducing customer service inquiries.
International Coverage

In Sync with Global Postal Standards for Instant Accuracy

Synced with postal authorities worldwide and utilizing advanced matching capabilities, Address Validation – International gives you the most accurate international address data for each country through:

  • Daily syncing with global postal authorities for the latest address data
  • Advanced matching capabilities to provide superior accuracy

Instant Precision: Up-to-Date Accuracy

Address Validation – International combines over 20 years of address expertise with daily updates from authoritative global data sources to ensure you have the most up-to-date and precise international address data available. It provides:

  • Near-perfect match rates enabling accurate mail delivery and shipping logistics to over 90% of the world.
  • Sub-second response times, making it perfect for real-time web applications, CRMs and shipping and delivery logistics.
Benefits of FastTax - Accuracy
Supports Multiple Languages for Better Personalization

Supports Multiple Languages for Enhanced Personalization

Our Address Validation service converts addresses with global characters and alphabets to Roman characters, so your addresses can be stored in a common format. The service supports transliteration for Cyrillic, Hellenic, Hebrew, Kanji, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Thai, and Hangul.

The international address validation service recognizes over 25,000 alternate country names, improving match rates and simplifying standardization.

Download our Address Validation – International one-page datasheet PDF Logo

The Premier Choice for International Address Validation for Businesses

Service Objects, a leader in international address verification, leverages over 20 years of expertise to offer unmatched accuracy and reliability in Customer Data Validation. Choosing Service Objects’ Address Validation – International means partnering with seasoned experts. 

Unmatched Accuracy 

Leveraging a thorough, multi-step global verification process that includes syncing with postal authorities worldwide and advanced matching capabilities tailored to each country, Address Validation – International ensures superior international address validity and deliverability.

Dedicated Customer Support 

Service Objects delivers dedicated, round-the-clock customer support, with our team of seasoned professionals committed to promptly resolving your needs for seamless service and ensuring your complete satisfaction. 

99.99% Uptime for Mission-Critical Operations 

With a remarkable 99.999% uptime, backed with a financial guarantee, Service Objects offers unparalleled reliability, enabling businesses to confidently base their mission-critical operations on our services. 

Customized Solutions for Your Business 

At Service Objects, we provide solutions that are specifically tailored to suit the unique needs of your business, offering flexibility and precision to enhance your overall operational efficiency. 

Advanced Data Security: SOC 2 Certified 

Service Objects prioritizes data security with stringent protocols, including data encryption and comprehensive security audits, all underpinned by our SOC 2 certification.  

Customized Solutions for Your Business Powered by Authoritative Global Data Sources

Our services draw from extensive, trusted global data sources, offering you unparalleled accuracy and up-to-date information to enhance and support your business operations. 

Ready to take the next step?

For more information, or to see how quickly Service Objects can deliver for your team, schedule a chat with an expert today.

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