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Addresses alone are not enough to make informed marketing and business decisions. With Address Insight, location-specific demographics and geo-coordinates provide your business with key strategic details to make critical decisions.

Three powerful location intelligence services in one

Address Insight brings together three of our most powerful services to provide a deeper understanding of your address data. Coverage includes all USPS addresses and over 15 million non-USPS addresses.

Starting with Address Validation, we verify, correct, and standardize US addresses down to the unit/suite level. Once addresses are validated, Address Geocode translates addresses into longitude and latitude coordinates with near-perfect accuracy. Demographics are then appended with over 140 geo-centric data points providing confidence in your location intelligence.


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Features and Benefits of Address Insight

Location Intelligence - Address Insight

Location Intelligence

From a single address, Address Insight provides precise roof-top level longitude and latitude coordinates, critical postal deliverability information and over 140 demographic data points, including 13 incorporated and unincorporated flags.

Risk Assessment

To help insurance companies better determine risk factors, Address Insight provides rooftop level geo-coordinates for calculating distances to potential risks like underground storage tanks, flood plains, shorelines, fault lines, and other natural disaster zones.
Risk Assessment - Address Insight
Target Marketing - Address Insight

Target Marketing

Make your marketing efforts more focused through messaging that’s culturally relevant and delivered timely and accurately. Address Insight supports three main marketing strategies:

  • Geo-Targeted – Deliver precise marketing messages to targeted prospects based on longitude and latitude
  • Demographics – Target your prospects based on socio-economic, cultural and population data points
  • Direct Mail – Ensure your direct mail marketing reaches your audience with validated address data

Supports Compliance

By combining the most accurate address data with rooftop level longitude and latitude coordinates and comprehensive location-specific demographics, Address Insight enables your business to meet government regulations like fair lending practices, tax reporting and loan processing.
Supports compliance - Service Objects

How Address Insight Works

Integrated Address Validation

USPS-certified Address Validation engine ensures address accuracy and deliverability. Also includes 15M addresses not recognized by the USPS but deliverable by 3rd party couriers.

Returns Accurate Roof-Top Geo-Coordinates

Accurate geocoding data in the form of latitude and longitude with city type and incorporated/unincorporated city boundary flags.

Appends Location Specific Demographics

Demographic components include census tract and block values, county and state FIPS, household and income data, housing values and more.

Advanced AI Solves Difficult Addresses

Addresses are cross-validated against multiple authoritative and proprietary datasets to resolve difficult and messy addresses.

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