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Address Geocode – US specializes in delivering precise rooftop longitude and latitude coordinates for addresses throughout the United States. Ideal for applications such as risk assessment and shipping logistics, it accurately converts street addresses into exact geolocations. This service significantly enhances accuracy in mapping and supports more informed operational decision-making across various industries in the US.

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Address Geocode – US

Address Geocode – US: Precision for Critical Operations

Address Geocode – US precisely converts US street addresses into accurate geolocations using advanced GIS data. This tool is essential for businesses like delivery companies, real estate agencies, and emergency services that need reliable location data. By translating addresses into exact latitude and longitude coordinates, it enables efficient routing, precise location tracking, and enhanced geographic analysis, making it invaluable for operations requiring detailed geographic information in the United States.

Address Geocode – US works in both directions:

  • Address to Geo-coordinates: Using our industry-leading US Address Validation engine, we correct and standardize addresses, enabling Address Geocode – US to achieve near-perfect accuracy in converting addresses to rooftop-level latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • Geo-coordinates to Address: We precisely translate latitude and longitude coordinates into valid US addresses.

How Address Geocode – US Works

Returns Geo-Coordinates from Address

We correct and standardize addresses using Service Objects’ Address Validation, then convert them to latitude and longitude coordinates.

Supports Reverse Geo-Coding to Address

We translate latitude and longitude coordinates into validated, precise USPS-certified addresses, ensuring accurate location identification and reliable address verification.

Supplemental Data Provided

Returns comprehensive data points, including census tract, state and county FIPS codes, block codes, congressional district codes, time zones, and distance to water.

Creates URLs for Popular Mapping Programs

Generates and provides web address URLs for direct mapping output using Google Maps, MapQuest, and Bing Maps, allowing seamless access to location visualization and navigation tools.

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Features and Benefits of Address Geocode – US

Superior Match Rates

Our geocoding service utilizes Service Objects’ address expertise to deliver powerful and accurate results instantly.

We validate both addresses and geo-coordinates using a blend of authoritative USPS postal and spatial data for enhanced precision. Advanced AI references multiple authoritative datasets to maximize match rates and accuracy.

Beyond the Coordinates - Geocode Service

Beyond the Coordinates

Authoritative sources like the US Census Bureau, USPS® ZIP+4 tables, and proprietary databases provide additional information:

  • Reverse geocoding translates geo-coordinates to USPS certified addresses at no extra cost.
  • Data points include census tract, state and county FIPS codes, block codes, congressional district codes, time zones, and more.
  • Estimates distance to water using address or geo-coordinates.
  • Generates custom URLs for popular mapping tools.

Download our Address Geocode – US one-page datasheet PDF Logo

Address Geocode – US: Vital for Data Validation

Address Geocode – US, provided by Service Objects, is a key component of a Customer Data Validation Strategy tailored for U.S. businesses. It ensures the accuracy, consistency, and utility of customer information, essential for optimizing business operations and enhancing customer engagement. Here’s how Address Geocode – US contributes to this strategy:

Precision Location Data with Address Geocode – US

Ensuring location accuracy is crucial in data validation. Address Geocode – US converts U.S. addresses and geo-coordinates into precise, usable data, essential for logistics, delivery services, and any business where location is critical.

Advanced Address Validation for Effective Service Delivery

This service goes beyond basic geocoding by validating addresses against authoritative postal and spatial data sources. This ensures accuracy, existence, and deliverability of addresses in your database, crucial for effective customer communication and service delivery.

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