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Streamline Operations with Advanced Country Detection

Harness the precision of accurate country identification to effortlessly navigate international data privacy laws, optimize logistics, and tailor your marketing and customer service strategies.

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Address Detective - International


Global Compliance: Address Detective

Address Detective – International instantly identifies, corrects, and appends the accurate country to contact records, aiding businesses in navigating complex data privacy laws while enhancing operational efficiency.

Navigating GDPR: Address Detective - International

Address Detective – International responds to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), highlighting the complexity of international data and privacy regulations. Accurately identifying customers’ residence countries is now crucial for businesses to ensure compliance with these evolving regulations.

Maximizing Impact: The Benefits of Accurate Country Identification

Accurate country identification not only ensures legal compliance but also enhances targeted marketing, optimizes logistics, enables region-specific customer service, and supports risk management.

How Address Detective – International Works

Using Available Customer Contact Data

Analyzes contact data components like name, address, and phone, email and IP address – whichever information is available – to determine the country.

Provides Component Scoring

Assigns a score to each data component based on the accuracy of the country associated with it.

Cumulative Confidence Score

Calculates a cumulative score from all components to gauge the overall confidence in the identified country.

Country Identification

Determines the most likely country of residence based on the cumulative score.

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Features and Benefits of
Address Detective – International

Enhanced Contact Records

Our advanced real-time API cross-references various data points, including a contact’s name, address, phone number, email, and IP address, with our authoritative data sources. This process enables the determination and appending of country data to your contact records.

More Accurate and Complete Contact Records

Country Compliance Awareness

For compliance, accurately determining the location of your customers and web visitors is essential. With over 100 global data protection laws, including GDPR, this task is crucial.

Our service provides an overall quality score to verify the authenticity of your records, giving you the confidence you need.

Benefits Beyond Compliance

Correcting or appending the country to your contact records offers benefits beyond compliance, including:

  • Localizing sales and marketing efforts
  • Efficiently routing leads to the correct countries
  • Enhancing personalization by transliterating into the appropriate language in 250+ countries
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