Fake accounts are costing billions.

The rise in fake accounts is defrauding businesses and government programs of billions of dollars.

From Unemployment Insurance programs paying out over $60B to fake accounts, to JP Morgan buying a company with over 80% fake accounts, this type of preventable fraud is costing tax payers and businesses billions.

Fake accounts are preventable!

Service Objects’ validation tools detect and prevent bogus and fraudulent accounts from being created at the outset, so your business can stop the problem before it starts. Qualitative and actionable scores for the overall account are provided to ensure only high quality, accurate accounts are created. By validating the core elements of a customer contact record: name, address, phone, email and device, against 100’s of authoritative data sources, you gain immediate insights to the quality and accuracy of your customer data.

Read below to learn how these elements are validated.

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It Starts With A Name

Our Name Validation service verifies first and last names using a global database of more than 1.4 million first names and 2.75 million last names, correcting common mistakes and flagging bogus, vulgar, and celebrity names before they enter your database.

Our 0 to 5 scoring system enables your team to create automated business rules that either accept, reject or flag an account for review, before the account is even created.

As with all of the services described here, cumulative scores are also used in calculating the overall quality and accuracy of the consumer record.

Location Provides Key Intelligence

Our global Address Validation tool instantly verifies and scores the accuracy of an address against authoritative global postal databases, enabling you to flag fake or non-deliverable addresses. In addition to preventing fake accounts, the service also corrects and standardizes addresses to the correct postal formats for over 250 countries and territories worldwide, providing the added benefit of ensuring your real customers receive their packages and communications.  
January 25, 2023, Wednesday 11am PST

Phone Numbers Provide Clues to Fraud

Our Reverse Phone Lookup services provide your customer’s complete contact details, helping you compare and assess if they are a genuine customer or a bad actor. 

By comparing customer-provided address information against the location data provided by the service, you will see strong indicators of the authenticity of the account. 

In addition, the service alerts you to phone numbers attached to VOIP accounts or pre-paid phones, commonly used in creating fake accounts.

Email Tells a Different Story

Our Email Verification service delivers a quantitative quality score about the validity of an email address. With over 50 integrity checks and filters, you can gain deeper insights into the risks the email and the account pose to your business. Our service not only defends against fake accounts but also protects your sender reputation, by returning warning flags for bogus, vulgar, disposable, role, misspelling, screamer, honeypot, spam trap, known complainer addresses and more.

Bringing It All Together:
The Power of Cross-Validation

By validating the five critical elements of an account: Name, Address, Phone, Email and Device – we determine quality and confidence scores for each element. 

Our Lead Validation service brings together these five elements to cross-validate, correct and score every account on over 130 key data points. The result is a qualitative and actionable score for the overall account which can be used to ensure only high quality, accurate accounts are created.

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