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Service Objects is continually seeking partnerships with complimentary service providers. If you are a website designer, host provider or software vendor, Service Objects is ready and able to meet your clients’ data quality needs.

There are over one billion websites worldwide. According to recent studies, only a few percent of these websites provide any kind of fraud detection or data enhancement. That’s why we encourage anyone to participate in our DOTS Referral Program. We rely on our affiliates in distributing our web services bringing online data enhancement to a new level.

The Service Objects Authorized Referral program is uncomplicated and simple to sign up for.

We encourage you to recommend this service to your customers or someone you know, or even carry out your own advertising campaign, and get 15 percent of subscriptions of all accounts created by your reference. Not only 15 percent from the first payment, but from all monthly payments, on regular basis, as long as you remain an Authorized Affiliate and referred client remains subscribed.

For example, if you refer a new customer to our service, and they sign up for two services for a total of $578.00 per month, you would receive 15 percent of that amount: $86.70 per month. Then every additional month that the customer continues to purchase and use our Web service(s), you would receive 15 percent of the subsequent subscription payment. In this case, $86.70. These payments would continue as long as the customer remains subscribed.

We will send checks with your monthly percentages to you by mail once per quarter.

The Service Objects’ website has convenient built in tools to easily monitor who is subscribed based on your reference. 

Simply give your prospects or other people the following web address to sign up:[affiliate_code]

If you decide to run your own banner advertising campaign, put this address on your banner. Every web page can be a partner landing page, just append your ‘zut’ partner code to get paid for the sale. When people come to the website using the link above and create a DOTS account, your referral code name from that address will be permanently associated with that new account.

Call us to get your own affiliate code today.

Do you have more questions?

For more information, or to get your own affiliate code, please call us at 1-800-694-6269

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